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What Is the Difference Between an Independent Preferred Practice Vs a Corporate-owned Practice?
What Is the Difference Between an Independent Preferred Practice Vs a Corporate-owned Practice?

What is the difference between an independent practice vs a corporate-owned practice and most importantly… how does that impact you and your family?

Hi, it’s Dr Michael Ghobrial here from Sure Dental. Recently we saw little Harrison. He’s part of a lovely family that lives here at Wavell Heights. And they came in because his front teeth were mottled and collecting a lot of stains and he’s eight years old and kids at school were really starting to tease him. We managed to actually come up with a really simple solution and his teeth look fantastic.

The result was so overwhelming that his father was actually quite emotional when we finished it and I guess the big question they asked is, “Michael, we’ve been complaining to our existing dentist where his grandmother was actually part of the team there for years about this and why don’t they mention anything?” And I guess it got me thinking about why someone would go for an independent dental practice rather than a corporate or health fund owned practice. Why you would choose your preferred practice, not your preferred provider.

Now there are a number of reasons why you may choose an independent practice.

It’s your choice. Don’t let the health funds determine where you go. You’re the patient, you go where you’re comfortable or you feel like you’re going to get quality. 

At your independent practice, you’re more likely to be given the time that you deserve. The owner who is often the dentist isn’t accountable to shareholders. They’re accountable to their patients.

The decisions around materials and laboratories and things like that are actually made by the clinician and not handed out from the head office. This gives the clinician freedom to do their dentistry ideally.

The time spent on treatment. I know we get people commenting all the time that when they get their cleans in our office that, “Wow that is just so much more thorough… I’m not rushed, I’m not treated like a number.”

We hear that a lot of the other practices would see three or four patients at the same time as we see one. And so we want to give you time, we want to know our patients, we want to give them quality. 

And the other nice thing is you get to see the same clinician. That person gets to know your mouth over the long term. They get to know you more and more, and you see the same person if there are any concerns. They really understand you and your family’s history. 

So next time you need to see a dentist, know that you have a choice. Choose the dental practice who you feel will give you the most comprehensive and quality care that you and your family deserve. 

If you want to come and experience the Sure Dental difference. Just go to our website at suredental.com.au and fill in the enquiry form, or give us a call today on 07 32569111 and we would happily arrange this for you.

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