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What Is The Cost Of Dental Implant?
What Is The Cost Of Dental Implant?

Hi, it’s Michael Ghobrial here from Sure Dental. A couple of weeks ago, I saw one of our lovely patients, Robin from Ascot. And she had a problem with her front tooth. She had a dental implant place there about 30 years ago, and the little bit of the ceramic on the crown had broken off and we needed to replace the crown. The problem is the implant was placed 30 years ago, and we had to find who was managing this implant product. Now 30 years on the company no longer exists, but thankfully when she had her dental implant done all that time \ ago, it was done with a specialist and it was done with one of the premier implant brands of the time. And as a result, we could access all the bits and pieces we needed to be able to fix her front tooth. So it took a little while, we had to wait a few weeks to have a shipment from the United States of the tools we needed.

And just last week we managed to place her new front tooth in and her smile is back to normal, and it was fantastic. But it actually got me thinking a lot about one of the common questions that we hear, which is, why is there so much variation in the cost of implant crowns? Why are there implant crowns from under two thousand, and up to well over seven to eight thousand dollars? And what is the difference? And so today I want to educate you a little bit about the differences of dental implant crowns, and dental implants. But also what you ought to consider if you’re ever in a place that you do need a dental implant.

The first thing you ought to consider is like what Robin did. And that is what is the type of implant that’s being placed. Dental implants are amazing treatment modality that lasts a very, very long time.

Now, implant companies, however, don’t last quite as long as the implant itself. Implant companies come and go. And there’s been literally dozens of companies that have popped up and have disappeared as quickly as they’ve popped up. And the problem, of course, is that once you have an implant that is from one particular company, you need to be able to support that for the life of the implant, which in Robin’s case means over 30 years. And so having an implant placed by one of the big companies actually gives you the peace of mind that if there are any complications in the future, we’re always going to be able to access the equipment needed, to be able to restore or fix any issues that happened with those implants.

Now, those big implant companies are unlike the discount companies. And so the cost of their actual implants are much higher, but what you get is something that can be serviced in the long run, but it’s also the same implants that all the survival studies and the success rates and all the things that we read about in the scientific literature are actually done on these big implant brands. So you want to make sure that the type of implant you’re having placed is going to be supported well beyond the next 10, 15 years, but even looking at twenty, thirty, forty years time.

The second thing that ought to be considered is actually the expertise of the person placing the implant. Dealing with the osseointegration, the bone integration around the implants is a really tricky process. And what you want is somebody who does this sort of thing all the time. Somebody who is an expert at placing the implant, somebody who has done the appropriate training and more than just a weekend away, but rather proper postgraduate training has been doing it for a long time. And so here at Sure Dental, our conviction is actually to partner with some of the best implant surgeons here in Australia. People who specialise in dental implants and all they do all day every day is dental implants. Because we want to make sure that the surgery is done really, really well and planned well. And also that the implants are placed in a manner in which we could put beautiful, natural-looking teeth on top of it.

The third thing you should consider is the way the teeth are placed on the implant. So the actual dentist placing the teeth on there. Again, are they using genuine parts for the implant placement? Are they partnering with a dental ceramist here in Australia, master ceramist, or is it getting sent to the third world or being milled in house. Here at Sure Dental, we partner with some of the best ceramists here in Australia. All their work is TGA approved and are done here so that we can have the support. We can also have peace of mind of the quality. And we want the teeth to look natural, we want it to function well and we want the forces on them to be balanced.

So the three things to consider that will influence the cost of a dental implant procedure are again, the type of implant being placed. Is it going to be well supported for many years to come, the person placing the implant? Are we using an expert surgeon? And thirdly, do we have a dentist who is experienced and comfortable in placing teeth on the dental implants? And are they partnering with local ceramists here in Australia to make sure that the best equipment, the best materials are being used for a longterm outcome?

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any enquiries about dental implants, you’re always welcome to check out our website on suredental.com.au, or give us a call on  07 3256 9111.

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