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What does a Dental Check-up Include and How Often Should My Family Do a Dental Check-up?

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  4. What does a Dental Check-up Include and How Often Should My Family Do a Dental Check-up?

What does a Dental Check-up Include and How Often Should My Family Do a Dental Check-up?

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  3. Anxious Patients Videos
  4. What does a Dental Check-up Include and How Often Should My Family Do a Dental Check-up?

So what happens during a routine dental hygiene and checkup appointment, and how often should you and your family get one done?

Hi! my name’s Jess, and I’m one of the oral health therapists working together with Doctor Ghobrial at Sure Dental here in Brisbane.

The other day, I was with Sally and her two young boys from Hamilton. They were coming in for their dental checkups and unfortunately they had a bad experience with their child’s anxiety being in dental and medical environments in the past. So they were looking for a practice who can really take the time and look after them.  

It got me thinking about the things that patients should look out for in their routine dental checkups and things that we should be ticking off and covering at each appointment. So I thought I’ll make this quick video and share them with you so that you know that you’re getting the best treatment for your family and covering all bases.

So at the dental checkup, we’re always checking the gums, as well as the teeth and the health of the mouth. What a lot of people don’t know is we also do an oral cancer screening. This is something that you’re not going to be able to identify in the mirror yourself. So, that’s really important that we’re checking that nothing’s going to surprise us in the future. 

As well as this, we want to make sure that your diet is staying on track, you’re really well hydrated and that there’s no decay or gum disease happening in the mouth as well. 

We also like to make sure that you’re doing the right things with your teeth and give you some little tips and advice such as how to change your toothbrushing technique or add other steps into your dental hygiene routine at home, depending on how your mouth’s going. And overall just make sure that everything’s staying really low maintenance and no toothaches or dramas, or emergencies popping up.

In terms of duration of the hygiene and checkup, normally it takes 30 minutes for a child and an hour for an adult.

And of course, during this appointment, we’re going to give your teeth and gums a thorough cleaning. Just to make sure that there’s no bacterial plaque there and have a look at all the surfaces of the teeth and make sure that there’s no cavity starting or areas where the enamel’s not developing properly.

So by the end of your appointment, you will be walking out with beautiful clean smiles. No staining present and usually some new products to take home to try as well.

Finally, the recording to the Australian Dental Association, they recommend doing your routine dental checkup and clean every six months. This is to ensure any early signs of decay or abnormalities in the teeth, gum and mouth are picked up and treated.

So if you’re looking for a new dental home to look after yourself and your family, we would love to look after you, simply pop over to our website www.suredental.com.au, fill in the enquiry form, or giving us a call on 07 32569111 and we would happily arrange a complimentary assessment for you.


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