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What Are the Top 3 Causes of Toothache?
What Are the Top 3 Causes of Toothache?

Are you worried about having a toothache and want to know how to prevent it?

Hi, it’s Michael Ghobrial here from Sure Dental. I just recently saw a lovely new patient, Kay, who lives in Clayfield and she just had one of those nights where she had no sleep. She had a severe toothache and her face was swollen and she was in considerable discomfort and I managed to see her my lunch break.

She’s now out of pain and she’s comfortable, which is fantastic, but I guess the big question is what causes toothaches and how can we prevent this? And so I thought I’d give you a short video to explain what causes toothaches. What are the most common causes of toothaches and also how to avoid toothaches so that you don’t end up in that position.

Listen, the biggest factor for toothaches, like it was for Kay, is she had deep decay in her tooth. This tooth was very heavily restored over many years and the decay had gotten into the nerve, the nerve had become infected and that pressure build-up was what was causing her severe pain. 

The other common cause we see is actually fracturing teeth. Teeth are very rigid and very hard. And like glass, once they develop a fracture, things can break, and sometimes those fractures can actually break right through the centre of the tooth and cause really considerable pain. 

The other third most common cause is actually impacted wisdom teeth that had been left behind and they can cause some infection and swelling and quite a bit of discomfort as well.

So how do we prevent these things? As we are always told, prevention is the best cure. Like most health issues, unfortunately, with teeth, things don’t hurt till it’s too late. We’re not aware there’s anything wrong until it’s quite severe. And so the best that you can do is actually go in for your regular dental examinations and make sure your dentist is taking regular radiographs so we can check what’s going on under the surface.

All of these issues, decay can be treated when it’s small and not to the nerve. If it’s getting close to the nerve, the nerves can be treated before it causes you a toothache. If it’s a fracture, fractures can be prevented by protecting the teeth and reinforcing them with things like onlays and crowns

With wisdom teeth, make sure your dentist is assessing for these and if they are going to cause you a problem to make sure you get them removed before they cause you discomfort.

I hope this has been helpful to help you stay out of my office for emergencies, but if you want us to check your teeth to make sure you’re not going to get any emergencies, why don’t you check out our website at suredental.com.au fill in the enquiry form, or give us a call on 07 3256 9111 and we would be happy to organise a complimentary assessment for you.


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