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What Are The 3 Differences Between Getting Your Invisalign With A Dentist VS A DIY Online Provider?
What Are The 3 Differences Between Getting Your Invisalign With A Dentist VS A DIY Online Provider?

Hi, it’s Michael Ghobrial here from Sure Dental. Last week, we met a great new patient, Sati, who lives in Nundah and he came in to see our hygienist, Suzy, to get his teeth cleaned, and he mentioned that he was actually going through Invisalign treatment. When we had a look at his teeth, we noticed that there were no attachments and it didn’t look like he was actually going through Invisalign. And when we asked a little bit further, we found out that he’s actually using one of the do-it-yourself online aligner products. And he was asking, “Well, what’s the difference between Invisalign and something that you do online yourself?” I’m sure he is not the only one with this question, and so I thought I’ll make a short video explaining what’s the difference between a DIY product like Smile Direct versus Invisalign with a dentist?

The first difference between Invisalign and a do-it-yourself product is that when it comes to Invisalign, a dentist or orthodontist can see your situation, diagnose what’s going on and figure out how best to do things in your mouth. And it’s the sort of thing that can only be done comprehensively when we see you when we take radiographs and get to look at the big picture.

The second difference is with Invisalign, when it’s done at a dentist office, we use a 3D scan, which is very, very accurate around your teeth. With the do-it-yourself systems, a lot of them require you to take a mould yourself, and so the fit of the actual trays is not going to be quite as accurate as Invisalign trays.
The third difference is with Invisalign and other dentist and orthodontist-done aligner systems, there is the use of attachments on teeth to be able to achieve many different tooth movement types, not just tilting and pushing teeth. With a DIY system, you can not have attachments, and so it greatly limits the type of movements and also the type of finishing of the product and the result.

The fourth difference is when you’re doing an orthodontic treatment with a dentist or an orthodontist, there is someone there checking the health, tracking the progress, and monitoring that everything is going along safely. And that is not something that can happen with the do-it-yourself system. To do an aligner system within a dental practice is going to cost more than a do-it-yourself system, but your teeth are far too important to take risks and your smile is too important, and it’s critical that we get it right.

So if you are considering aligning your smile with Invisalign or any orthodontic treatments, we would love to help you. Simply fill in our form on our website on www.suredental.com.au, direct message us on social media, or give us a call on 07 3256 9111. See you in the next video.

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