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Top 3-5 Problems Dental Veneers Can Fix?
Top 3-5 Problems Dental Veneers Can Fix?
Hi, it’s Michael Ghobrial here from Sure Dental in Brisbane Wavell Heights. One of the most common reasons patients come in and see us is to ask about whether dental veneers or porcelain veneers will improve their smile and whether it’s suitable for them for their smile makeover or smile upgrade. And so I thought I would make this video to give you an idea of what dental veneers do to improve a smile and whether they might be a suitable option for you moving forward with any smile upgrade that you want. Again, it comes with a warning. All of this needs to be professionally assessed by a dentist for your individual case. But generally, there are a few things that dental veneers can improve.

The colour of teeth, teeth that are resistant to tooth whitening, teeth that have been darkened, teeth that are fractured and have stains. Dental veneers can improve the colour of teeth, and sometimes they can improve the colour of the teeth beyond where tooth whitening can take them if a patient wants a really, really bright white smile.

The next thing dental veneers improve is they can improve the length of your teeth. Some people will have teeth that are chipped and broken. We just did a veneer for a lovely young girl who had a broken front tooth. And so it’s great for the length of teeth. Other people have worn teeth from teeth grinding over the years and they’re showing less and less tooth as they smile as they get older. And so dental veneers can be a great thing to improve that.
They can improve is actually the strength of front teeth. Some patients have fractures and cracks throughout their front teeth and porcelain veneers have been shown to actually harden and strengthen the teeth in those scenarios.

Dental veneers can improve is gaps between your teeth. Sometimes gaps are most appropriately treated with orthodontic movement, whether that’s braces or Invisalign, but other times the reason the gaps are there is because the teeth are too narrow and they’re undersized. And in those scenarios, veneers are a wonderful way to close those gaps.

Veneers can improve a smile is with teeth that are rotated. Again, this needs to be checked by a professional. Sometimes orthodontics is a better approach for this. But in some cases, teeth that are rotated or malaligned can have an improved or straightened look to your teeth with porcelain veneers.

So these are just the five things that porcelain veneers can improve. So if you are experiencing one or more of these problems and want to find out more about dental veneers, we would love to look after you. Simply complete the form on our website on www.suredental.com.au, direct message us on social media, or give us a call on 07 3256 9111. See you in the next video!

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