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The Power of Sleep

The Power of Sleep

Helping the kids with their homework, working and never-ending trips to the grocery store. Life can get busy. But don’t let your bedtime suffer. Get the facts about the importance of sleep and the benefits sleep offers.

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Sleepiness can leave you sluggish, moody, unable to concentrate or learn new things, and can even impact both short-term and long-term memory. Lack of sleep for a long duration can trigger impulsive behavior, paranoia and suicidal thoughts.

And adding to the list of scary side effects: microsleep. That’s when you’re asleep for only a few seconds or a few minutes, but you don’t realize it. Microsleep can make you prone to injuries due to trips and falls. It could also happen at dangerous times, such as when you’re driving.

If you find yourself sleep deprived, the only way to compensate is with more sleep. Unfortunately, it can’t be made up in a night. If you’ve had months of poor sleep, recovery could take several weeks. So when you’re planning out your day, week or month, make time for good sleep to support strong health.

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