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Stacey’s Smile Makeover in Brisbane
Stacey’s Smile Makeover in Brisbane


Stacey’s Smile Makeover in Brisbane

We would like to share with you Stacey’s smile makeover with Porcelain Veneers in Brisbane.

Stacey is our lovely patient from Brisbane who has been coming to our practice for 15 years now. When she first came to us, she decided to come for a second opinion and has since entrusted us with her dental health. 

Stacey had old fillings in her front teeth, which were starting to become worn down, so we used a transillumination light to check the fillings and fractures that had progressed over time. 

For her smile makeover, we performed a Digital Smile Design Mock-Up to see a better view of the outcome of her smile. We also chose Porcelain Veneers to prevent her teeth from further fractures and added At-Home Teeth Whitening to improve the colour of her teeth’s overall appearance. We also gave her a Night Splint to protect against teeth grinding when she sleeps. This helps avoid any possible fractures and breakdowns in the future.

What Were The Issues With Her Existing Teeth

  • Fractured Fillings
  • Discoloured Teeth


What We Did for Her Smile Makeover

The Result

After 3 visits over a month, Stacey is in awe of her new smile. She loves the colour, the shape, and just knowing that her teeth are now well protected

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This team honestly does such a great job. It’s the first time I have felt truthfully informed about my ‘whole of mouth’ picture. From start to finish they treat you with respect and are committed to achieving life long results. Could not have asked for anything else.

Bobby M


I’ve been coming to Sure Dental for many years and have always been thrilled with their patient care, wonderful customer service and proactive approach to my oral health. It is always a pleasure coming here, their staff are fantastic and I am completely confident that my teeth are in great hands.

Christopher J.


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