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Probiotics: Spilling The Sour Milk On Periodontitis

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Probiotics: Spilling The Sour Milk On Periodontitis

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  3. Probiotics: Spilling The Sour Milk On Periodontitis
Probiotics Spilling The Sour Milk On Periodontitis In Brisbane, Wavell Heights, Clayfield - Sure Dental

For a long time there have been cultures and religions that place extreme importance on good hygiene as a prerequisite for performing any act of worship. Proper maintenance is considered a wholly pious activity of devoted duty.

When performed with intention, the physicality and the process of everything held within the mundane, it encompasses a spiritual dimension.

Zen Buddhism tells us simply to carry water, chop wood before and after enlightenment. Pastafarianism recognises the supernatural powers of the meatball and spaghetti creator, His Noodly Appendage.

Between, are as many beliefs as there are people on the planet.

Regardless of flavour, the essence of any spiritual perspective is always to physically and metaphorically keep the mouth clean. It’s believed to be what helps keep the the heart – the core of the spiritual body – also healthy.

Science backs that up.

Research consistently proves the effects of gum disease on the heart, and its contribution to other systemic health issues.

There is continuing and mounting evidence that oral health and overall health are completely symbiotic. What affects one cannot not affect the other. The gut knows what the mouth is doing; and vice versa.

Keeping the mouth spiritually pure and protect the heart is to avoid the all the negativity created by malicious, envious or duplicitous words.

Rinsing erases transgressions.

From the viewpoint of contemporary healthcare, rinsing removes food that sticks to the teeth it’s being mindful of what’s actually going into it, and being conscious of there being value in what comes out of it.

It’s pre-awakened woke. It’s everything-old-is-new-again; it’s traditional nutrition back in grandma pants.

Good oral hygiene requires that is which is prescribed or recommended and also restraint – the not doing of doing well. So far it seems that mouth cleanliness is based on respecting a routine that includes rinsing after eating and not speaking harsh words.

The truth is, confident communication and meticulous pronunciation can be impossible with a sore and tender mouth, or one that carries an unpleasant taste with loose and missing teeth.

Not such an unusual scenario when WHO estimates that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide.

Were balanced health illustrated as a family tree of foods, probiotics are a matriarchal ancestor.

Fermentation is one of the oldest known processes that allows the participation of microorganisms in the preservation of stable foods. The term itself comes from the Latin fervere, meaning ‘to cook’.

Probiotics Spilling The Sour Milk On Periodontitis In Brisbane, Wavell Heights, Clayfield - Sure Dental

Plant, meat, fish, and dairy products can be fermented and consumed as a main course, a snack or a drink. For tens of thousands of years, communities ate fermented foods for taste and variety: beer, wine, cheese, kefir, yoghurt – unknowingly incorporating healthy bacteria into the human diet.

Certainly, it was Bulgarian microbiologist Stamen Gigov Grigorov (1878-1945) who actally discovered Lactobacillus bulgaricus in 1905 but was Russian Nobel Prize winner and Pasteur Institute director, Ilya Ilyich (Élie) Metchnikoff (1845-1916) who “Damn straight .. discovered probiotics” in 1907.

Travelling the Balkans in the late 1800s, Élie noticed that despite the extreme poverty and brutal climate, many rural Bulgarians lived beyond a hundred years: much longer than their European counterparts.

What Élie Metchnikoff’s research concluded were that there were good bacteria found in the modest daily lives of these people via the ‘soured milk’ that was a staple of their diet.

Metchnikoff’s 1908 Nobel Prize was in recognition for his work in the sphere of immunity, the direction and development of which he profoundly instigated and influenced.

For many years, studies in probiotics were mostly limited to the gut. Live mirobiodata that beneficially alters gut microbiome is good enough reason alone to consume probiotics, and research shows that good dental health relies on the specifics of balanced oral bacteria.

That we are made of more bacterial than human cells shows the important and symbiotic relationship we have as the host.

Orally, various strains of bacteria – both beneficial and detrimental – compete for limited resources. Probiotics nourish and proliferate useful bacteria. This minimises the population, resilience and survival of any harmful bacterium in the oral microbiome.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) defines dental cavities as the number one transmissible infectious disease in children.

Like you need a reason to never let anyone use your toothbrush, parents, siblings, and friends can pass on s. Mutans, the bacteria responsible for cavities through the sharing utensils or a kiss on the mouth.

Found in fermented milk foods, lactobacilli may help restore a healthy balance of oral bacteria. And yes, for some too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Know that the key to managing anything is knowledge, always – and applied understanding.

Kefir is a fermented milk product produced with kefir grains and comprising a specific and complex mixture of lactic acid and acetic acid. It produces unfermented yeast and bacteria for lactose fermentation. A mutual association, it inhibits the development of pathogens and degrading microorganisms. Among the Lactobacillus, one of the most predominant and most isolated species in kefir-fermented milk is L. kefiri, which has highly therapeutic anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulatory properties.

It also has anti-resorptive effects.

As a therapy it reduced alveolar bone loss in experimental periodontitis – an accepted disease model for bone and gum tissue regeneration.

It mimics the natural host response under bacteria-caused pathological environments.

2023 research revealed the effect of kefir on periodontitis depends on fermentation time with 4 days giving greater populous of L. kefiri. Even two to four weeks after kefir consumption ceased, the bacteria remained reduced, and the benefits ongoing.

Whether kefir, yoghurt, soft cheese or sauerkraut, fermented foods are the only source of vitamin K2 – imperative for calcium to be properly directed, distribution and absorbed by bones and teeth, rather than being deposited in joints, arteries and areas it has no business being.

The best way to manage periodontitis is to not get it in the first place and if everyone knew how to do that then nobody would have it.

The second best way to properly manage the reality of periodontal disease is with the treatment knowledge and expertise of your dentist. On a regular and routine basis, seek their skills and training in how to reduce the continuing damage of this unfortunately too-common oral disease.

The third best way is the second best way with added, informed, and lifestyle appropriate dietary changes that support good oral health.

Better for the milk to ferment rather than you at night – worrying about the state and health of your gums.

There’s no point crying over the spilled milk of having periodontal disease; take a different perspective, let it go sour and take it from there.

And make that dental appointment.


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