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Probiotics for Women: Running, Weight Loss, Health!

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Probiotics for Women: Running, Weight Loss, Health!

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  4. Wellness Infographics
  5. Probiotics for Women: Running, Weight Loss, Health!

Probiotics for women have gained a lot of media attention thanks to folks like Jamie Lee Curtis in her yogurt commercials (tell me someone else still remembers those “gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!).

I’m 100% ok with that because I believe it’s an area that can help a lot of runners resolve digestive issues.

In fact, over the last few years as I’ve interviewed many nutritionists or RD’s the one supplement they almost universally agree that people should use: probiotics.


Why We Must Pay Attention to Our Gut Bacteria

I’ve written a much longer post on huge impact of digestive health on our health from appearance to mood {check it out if you haven’t!}, I won’t recap it here, but it’s a key element of why probiotics for runners are important.

This is a great graphic from Paleo Hacks on our gut impacting us:


What are Probiotics?

I started using probiotics after cutting dairy from my diet. Interestingly I think I would have felt better long before cutting dairy by adding them in! Why?

Here’s what a probiotic actually is…bacteria. Yup, more bacteria. Your gut consists of 70-80%  bacteria and probiotics are the good bacteria, which we naturally produce. However, through all the things listed above they can get squished down and we want to supplement to give them a boost!


Benefits of Probiotics for Women and Running:

Not that these don’t apply to the gentlemen, but most readers here are ladies and it does seem we go through more phases of digestive distress due to hormonal shifts. Here are some of the ways runners and athletes in general will benefit from a probiotic:

  • Used consistently showed a reduction in runner GI issues (aka trots)
  • Reduce the length of respiratory infections
  • Deliver “good bacteria” to the intestines to balance out all that stuff listed above
  • Mood improvement (extra helpful if we have to miss a run!)
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Help maintain blood glucose levels (less sugar crashes)
  • Good gut health is now partially linked to runners being able to more quickly clear lactic acid, which might fight muscle fatigue


Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

But can probiotics really help us slim down as is often advertised? According to a number of studies the answer seems to generally be yes, if you are experiencing some digestive issues {most American’s are} then it’s almost 100% going to help.

But, it might not be what happens on the scale. It could be a visual change from a reduction in bloating. All right here is the nitty gritty of how a probiotic for weight loss:

  • Food sensitivities cause our bodies to retain water due to inflammation – probiotics are thought to help calm this and thus “debloat” you
  • Poor digestion from eating bad foods, eating too quickly, too much stress can be aided by probiotics – again if you get things moving through the colon it’s going to “debloat” you
  • They may help to limit the absorption of excess fat – this is going to help you flush out that excess instead of holding on to all of it.
  • Probiotics may also help to increase your satiety hormone, allowing you to eat less more easily.
  • Lactobacillus gasseri is the probiotic in studies, which has most often been linked to weight loss, particularly belly fat.

As with anything, you’ll need to be consistent in your use of probiotics, especially if you have a lot of the risk factors listed above because your gut ratio of good to bad, will quickly tilt back out of alignment.


Want to learn more about probiotics, click here.

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