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Mouth and Teeth

Mouth and Teeth

A healthy mouth is essential to your overall health and for eating, drinking, breathing and speaking.

Regular visits to a dentist can help keep your mouth healthy.

The structures in your mouth, including your teeth and salivary glands, begin the digestion of the food you eat.

Parts of your mouth

Your mouth has:

  • lips
  • teeth and gums
  • soft and demanding palates, which form the roof of your mouth
  • tonsils
  • a tongue
  • salivary glands

Your teeth allow you to chew your food. They have a crown above the gum line and roots in the bone below the gumline. Incisors have sharp, biting surfaces, canines are pointed, cone-shaped (for tearing), and premolars and molars have flat grinding surfaces.

Normal tooth development

A baby’s teeth start to grow before they are born. The first tooth usually appears from about six months — most children have all their primary teeth (or baby teeth) by the time they are 2 or 3.

Tips for a healthy mouth

Dentists suggest that for a healthy mouth, you should:

  • brush twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste (when older than 18 months old and use a child-strength toothpaste for young children)
  • floss daily
  • eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • drink plenty of tap water
  • have regular check-ups with your dentist
  • stop smoking
  • limit the amount of alcohol and soft drinks you consume
  • think twice about oral piercings, which can lead to mouth infections and tooth damage
  • address stress — this can lead to teeth grinding, mouth ulcers and cold sores

If you play a sport where there’s a risk of injury to your teeth, you should wear a mouthguard.

Preventing tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria living in plaque on your teeth. These bacteria use the sugar in what you eat and drink to produce acid, which causes holes in your teeth over time.

You can help prevent tooth decay by:

  • choosing food and drink that’s low in sugar
  • eating fresh produce rather than processed foods
  • reading the label — if sugar is listed in the top 3 ingredients, it’s usually not a healthy product for your teeth
  • good dental hygiene, including regular brushing teeth

Even babies can suffer from tooth decay, so it’s important to teach toddlers good oral hygiene.

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