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How Is Dental Implant Done?
How Is Dental Implant Done?

Got some missing teeth and considering dental implant, but a bit anxious of the process? Let me take you through what happens at a dental implant procedure…

Hi, it’s Michael Ghobrial from Sure Dental. Recently I actually finished treating our wonderful patient, Claire, who lives in Ascot. She’s been a patient with us for seven years now. And as a child, she was born with congenitally missing front teeth, and she has had a temporary denture that she has worn until the age of 25.

And Claire said to me recently, “Michael, what can we do about this? I want to get rid of this.” And we spoke about dental implants. And it dawned upon me that a lot of people don’t actually know how a dental implant is done. And so I thought I’d do a video to help you understand what happens when that patient goes for a dental implant and how to make sure that the dental implant you get is going to be done well.

So there are a few things that happen when the patient needs a dental implant. And what we did for Claire as a first step was, to find an amazing dental implant surgeon. So here at Sure Dental, we are about ideal results for our patients. And so we team up with the best team of specialists available. And so I sent Claire to our implant specialist who is amazing, and he did a scan of the jaw to check the bone and check the tissue so that we can prepare things to make sure that the implant is placed well, and also placed in a position where I can put beautiful teeth in there.

After the assessment was done, the implants were placed in the areas that we needed them and we had a time of what we call osseointegration. And essentially what that is, is that dental implants are made out of titanium and our bone loves titanium. And so over this first 12 weeks, the bone integrates around that titanium and it becomes a part of the body and that’s what we call osseointegration.

Now after that integration period we actually test it to make sure it’s integrated the way we want it to be. And we prepare the tissue so that when we do put a tooth on there, it’s going to look really natural. We want it to look like it’s a natural part of you!

The important things about that are the implant needs to be placed well, placed in the right position, and the right type of implant should be placed. And so our surgeons only use the best brands of implants that are going to be there long term. 

Okay. Once that is done, we see our patients and we manufacture the tooth on that implant and we do that using our digital scanner and our master ceramist. We partner together to make your beautiful looking tooth that is going to function like a natural tooth. 

So if you have a missing tooth, you are considering a more permanent solution and you are based in Brisbane, why not come and have a consultation here at Sure Dental and we will give you an expert opinion of your options. Just go to our website at suredental.com.au, fill in the enquiry form, or give us a call on 07 32569111.

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