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Dealing With Swollen Gums: Is There More To This Physical Manifestation?

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Dealing With Swollen Gums: Is There More To This Physical Manifestation?

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  4. Dealing With Swollen Gums: Is There More To This Physical Manifestation?
Dealing With Swollen Gums Is There More To This Physical Manifestation in Brisbane, Wavell Heights, Clayfield - Sure Dental
Anything to do with the sensitive region of our mouth’s interior, such as swollen gums, is painful and hard to ignore. This portal to the inner workings of our body is an important place for a multitude of reasons. Dealing with swollen gums: Is there more to this physical manifestation? Yes, inflammation is always an indicator of underlying problems. Swollen gums are your body’s way of letting you know that there is an issue, which most often needs to be resolved or remedied.

Why Your Gums Might Be Swollen

There are a number of possible causes to consider in light of your gums suffering from inflammation. Firstly, gingivitis is a common condition, which is actually an early stage of gum disease. If untreated by your dentist gingivitis may well develop into periodontitis. This more serious condition will likely result in tooth loss and increases your risk of heart attack and strokes. The bacteria build up in the pockets around the tooth trigger an immune response, which is the infection and consequent inflammation. It is your body telling you that it is fighting a battle on your behalf and may require some professional clinical assistance from your dentist. Neglect of our teeth and the oral cavity most often results in periodontitis. This is why we ask all of our clients to properly clean their teeth twice a day and get a check-up every 6 months to a year. If you have swollen gums, you need to go and see your dentist ASAP.

What To Look For With Gum Inflammation

Sensitive teeth are often the most prevalent sign of gum disease. Bleeding gums is another common indicator of gum disease. Receding gums can show periodontal disease and this can progress to changes in how your teeth sit in the mouth. A really bad taste in your mouth can convey the presence of infection in the gums and around teeth. Loose teeth or a tooth indicates the serious progression of your gum disease. Painful chewing experiences and red enflamed gums are further symptoms of issues with your gums and probable infection.

What Causes Gum Disease

Little bits of food particles get trapped in the teeth and in between teeth and gums. Ineffective cleaning of teeth or a failure to adequately brush your teeth results in bacteria build-ups. These then cause infection when your body’s immune response attacks that bacteria. This is why we dentists often bang on about flossing and why it is good for your oral hygiene. A recommended dental mouthwash can also be of assistance during the early stages of gingivitis. However, it is strongly recommended that you visit your dentist for best results in dealing with gum disease. Other infections in the mouth may be caused by chronic conditions like the herpes virus and oral thrush. In addition, abscesses within the mouth can also lead to swollen gums. The mouth is an obviously wet area and very prone to issues like these if the overall health of the patient is poor.

Infections & Gum Disease Signs Of Poor Health

Neglect of your physical health from malnutrition can also produce conditions ripe for infection and inflammation in the mouth. Those individuals grappling with drug addiction may find themselves suffering from swollen gums and gum disease. People starving in developing countries often manifest issues like this along with a host of other serious and life threatening conditions.

Reactions To Medications & Ingested Substances

Swollen gums can be an indicator of a reaction to a medication or to an oral product like toothpaste or mouthwash. This would be an opportunity to have a discussion with your dentist about what you are currently taking and putting in your mouth, if no other reasons for your swollen gums can be found.

Dealing With Swollen Gums Is There More To This Physical Manifestation In Brisbane, Wavell Heights, Clayfield Sure Dental

Dental Appliances Can Cause Sore & Swollen Gums

Poorly fitting dentures, dental appliances, and crowns can be another cause for swollen gums in some instances. In this situation a trip to the dentist is highly advisable to fix this problem ASAP.

What You Can Do To Prevent Swollen Gums

Many of us have got into a mindless routine with brushing our teeth, especially if we have been doing it for some time. We may have slipped into a cursory technique which is not addressing the real needs of the process. This is how particles of food find their way into the pockets within our gums around our teeth. Brush up on cleaning your teeth by recommitting to the process anew. Clean your teeth more consciously, especially as you get older and your body ages, check if you are really reaching all those hard to get at regions within your oral cavity. Do not attack your teeth and gums via overly vigorous brushing, as this will merely cause more bleeding and problems. Brute force is not the answer when it comes to dental care and oral hygiene. Rather, approach the process with intelligence and care. The internet is a wonderful resource and you can find loads of information about the best way to clean your teeth. Floss regularly, especially if you have not been a flosser before. Is your tooth brush the right sort for you? Would an electric toothbrush do a better job? There have been technological advancements in this area, so, perhaps, check them out.

Change Your Diet

You may want to amend your diet, especially if you are an older person, to avoid sharp foods like nuts, seeds, and such like. These often get stuck in teeth and can cause all sorts of painful problems with teeth and gums. Part and parcel of getting older is making some adjustments in deference of your ageing body and its parts. See your dentist regularly for best results in treating swollen gums. We are here to help!


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