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10 Fun Facts About Your Teeth

10 Fun Facts About Your Teeth

Nowadays, a few minutes of peace and calm are often difficulty to find. So often we are preoccupied with social media, politics, and of course, COVID-19.

Today, the Sure Dental team would like to offer up this small diversion from our busy workdays. Here’s a list of 10 fun alleged “dental facts” that actually don’t make sense to us now, but did way back then.

tooth brushing

Most myths related to how to cure a toothache are quite entertaining, if almost always recommending a useless treatment. 

  • First is the myth that hard alcohol can be used to treat toothache. While alcohol is an antiseptic and an astringent it is also likely to irritate the gums, only distracting from the pain. Alcohol is also known to have negative effects on general dental health. While a drink or two a day isn’t likely to do any damage to your dental health, you are better off swallowing your drinks than applying them to your teeth.
  • Next on the hit list is the idea that cloves can cure a toothache. FALSE! Cloves do contain eugenol, a chemical that actually can cleanse and numb an area, so they can be used for temporary relief from the pain of a toothache. But no amount of cloves will address the source of the problem. Cloves will, however, make your breath smell like fragrant food!
  • Finally, perhaps the funniest myth, that kissing a donkey, or some similar equine, can cure a toothache. This is simply not true – no matter how many donkeys you kiss your toothache will not go away. Your breath will probably get worse and the donkey will become aggravated, but that is all. The best answer to a toothache is to see your dentist because we are easier to contact than most donkeys!

Your trusted dentist at Sure Dental can give you the advice and treatment you need to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. Fixing your toothache, or other dental concern, is what we do. For many years we have provided extraordinary dental care service at Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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